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ladies scarf 200x50cm

The Ears pattern:Aehrenmuster

colors: gold, red, purple, turquoise, green, silver, gray / beige, brow

item number: 4122 lady scarf


The elephant pattern:

Elefant silber Kopie

Colors: gold, light altrosa, red, lilac, blue, lime, green, silver

Item number: 4110 lady scarf


The gondola patterngondel DSC3176
A noble pattern that recalls Venice's heyday in the Renaissance.
Colors: lightpink / green, red, cardinal red, blue, reed, green / darkpink, copper, turquoise / blue, dark green, green / darkpink.
Item number: 4154 Women's scarf


The pomegranate patternGranatapfelmuster
Colors: red, blue, turquoise, purple
Item number: 4126 Women's scarf


The stag patternm Hirschmuster2
Colors: light red, light pink, light blue, light green
Item number: 4166 Women's scarf


The crow patternKraehen- oder Krefeldmuster
We present this historical pattern on pure silk scarves and ties as a reminder of the old Krefeld.
Colors: green, red, purple, silver, gold
Item number: 4130 Women's scarf


The circlepatternkreismuster
Is characterized by its simple ornamentation, which underlines the deeper symbolism of holism.
Colors: green, red, blue, silver
Item number: 4106 Women's scarf


The lion patternLöwenmuster
Colors: red / gold, red, red / silver, taupe / silver, blue, blue / silver, ecru (green),
Green / silver, silver, sand / beige, brown, brown / silver
Item number: 4114 Women's scarf


The pattern of St. Bernard Muster des HL Bernhard
Has a liturgical tradition dating back to the early Middle Ages. Help to extend this tradition to future generations.
Colors: white, salmon, orange, red, pink, purple, light-beam blue, blue, silver, beige
Article number: 4134 Women's scarf


The paradise pattern:paradiesmuster

Colors: gold, red, purple, turquoise, green, silver, gray / beige, brown.

Item number: 4143 Women's scarf