Our  exclusiv men's scarf with historic ornaments

men's scarf 200x25cm Ears pattern:Aehrenmuster

color: red  item number: 212236 red





men's scarf 200x25cm arabeske pattern:Arabeskenmuster

colors: gold, blue, darkgreen  item number: 213815 gold, 213855 blue, 213868 darkgreen




men's scarf 200x25cm circle pattern:kreismuster

colors: red, green, silver  item number: 210636 red, 210665 green, 210675 silver





men's scarf 200x25cm pattern of St. Bernhard:Muster des HL Bernhard

colors: orange, silver, beige  item number: 213425 orange, 213475 silver, 213482 beige




men's scarf ca.200x25cm paradies pattern:Herrenschal Paradiesmuster

colors: red  item number: 210235 red