“The museum shop has set itself the task of keeping the heritage of the Hubert Gotzes Weaving Factory for Ecclesiastical Textiles alive,” says Chairman of the Association of Friends, Hans-Georg Hauser. “And: “The income from sales is of fundamental importance as we do not receive any public subsidies.” Therefore: “Without the income from Christmas business we would not be able to carry out our cultural activities for Krefeld to the current extent.

"In the wide-ranging collection there is a selection of historically significant patterns combined with the unique quality of grège silk, all “made in Krefeld”.  For the ladies there are various shawls and scarves. Very fashionable jackets can also be made upon request. For the gentlemen there is also a wide choice of neckties, bow-ties, scarves and pocket handkerchiefs for special occasions.
We are looking forward to your visit.


The museum shop is open:
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 to 6 pm
Sunday from 1 to 5 pm.
You can reach us at any time by phone 02151 936960 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Since 2014 ESNC CREFELD as a brand name has stood for a special product “made in Krefeld”, for combined product design and entrepreneurial “know-how” based on creative and economic performance and therefore for the attribute “innovative Krefeld”.ESNC CREFELD (men) as a perfume/flacon project spreads a special Krefeld message in a pleasant but accentuated manner. The very edgy male perfume with a strong character combined with the dynamic flacon which differs in position and handling and has a naturally rough surface reflects hidden Krefeld potential. The project sharpens the eye to the potential and opportunities behind the partially unfinished in the town.

ESNC CREFELD is a project within the framework of Krefeld’s perspective change (www.krefelder-perspektivwechsel.de)

Article number: 448902


Flacon and Male Perfume with a Strong Character

The Crefeld perfume is like 'silk for the nose'
Item number: 448902

The Ears Pattern:

Colors: gold, red, purple, turquoise, green, silver, gray / beige, brow

Article number: 4122 Women's scarf, 1122 necktie

The arabesque pattern:

Colors: lightpink / green, red, cardinal red, blue, reed, green / darkpink, copper, turquoise / blue, dark green, green / darkpink

Article number: 4138 Women's scarf, 1138 necktie

The elephant pattern:

Colors: gold, light altrosa, red, lilac, blue, lime, green, silver

Item number:

4110 Women's scarf

1110 basket

The gondola pattern 
A noble pattern that recalls Venice's heyday in the Renaissance.
Colors: lightpink / green, red, cardinal red, blue, reed, green / darkpink, copper, turquoise / blue, dark green, green / darkpink.
Article number: 4154 Women's scarf, 1154 necktie

Developed by approaching designers from Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. The competition, under the direction of Prof. Jochen Stücke and Dipl.-Designer Knut Michalk, won the 2013 competition, which was inspired by the Jaquard punch card for the silk culture cup. The silk culture cup

The pomegranate pattern
Colors: red, blue, turquoise, purple
Article number: 4126 Women's scarf, 1126 necktie

The stag pattern
Colors: light red, light pink, light blue, light green
Article number: 4166 Women's scarf, 1166 necktie

The crow pattern 
We present this historical pattern on pure silk scarves and ties as a reminder of the old Krefeld.
Colors: green, red, purple, silver, gold
Article number: 4130 Women's scarf, 1130 necktie

The circlepattern
Is characterized by its simple ornamentation, which underlines the deeper symbolism of holism.
Colors: green, red, blue, silver
Article number: 4106 Women's scarf, 1106 necktie

The lion pattern
Colors: red / gold, red, red / silver, taupe / silver, blue, blue / silver, ecru (green),
Green / silver, silver, sand / beige, brown, brown / silver
Article number: 4114 Women's scarf, 1114 necktie

The pattern of St. Bernard 
Has a liturgical tradition dating back to the early Middle Ages. Help to extend this tradition to future generations.
Colors: white, salmon, orange, red, pink, purple, light-beam blue, blue, silver, beige
Article number: 4134 Women's scarf, 1134 necktie

The paradise pattern:

Colors: gold, red, purple, turquoise, green, silver, gray / beige, brown.

Item number:

4143 Women's scarf

1102 Customizable

The Pimpernel pattern:

Article number: 4150 Women's scarf, 1150 necktie

Silk tie with bell flower, silver, item number: 114275

The historical patterns - fashionably newly made - once found themselves in robes of (church) princes. Each pattern - like that of the elephant - tells an exciting story, which is conveyed to every buyer with his product on a certificate, which is enclosed in the present pocket. "The certificate shows the meaning and origin of the sample," says Brenner. And: "They also talk about an exciting, silly Christmas story under the Gabentisch."

Sheath of pure silk with original silk coffin. In many colors and design, item number: 131313

Gold colored yarn in 5m docks,

Yarn spool, gold colored, item number 561316

For patchworkers we have a great collection of different
Beautiful silk patches at a small price.

Patchwork fabric remover rolls, item number: 562103

... so you can wear our silk scarf.