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Manual weavers wanted

New Perspectives for long-established craftmanship

Under the current wave of migration, many well-qualified workers are reaching our country. In particular in the orient, e.g. Syria, long-established manual techniques for producing textiles such as weaving are still in use. The planned cooperation project at Haus der Seidenkultur aims to maintain such valuable cultural competence for the future.
In Krefeld and the surrounding districts enquiries are being made with the help of an interpreter to find master weavers amongst the Syrian refugees who are familiar with and skilled in Jacquard weaving and in addition are proficient in the necessary preparatory and finishing steps such as point paper design, card punching and warping.
Such skilled workers will be given the opportunity to learn how to operate the historic Jacquard looms at Haus der Seidenkultur helped by our 80-year-old master weaver and to work on them for a trial period of four to six weeks.
Until now the historical looms have only been used for demonstration purposes. In order to restore the looms for “production” new warps need to be prepared and repairs carried out.
We hope that by cooperating with the integration authorities in Krefeld/Viersen and Mönchengladbach/Neuss/Grevenbroich we will be able to find a suitably skilled person.
The successful realisation of the project will signify an important forward-looking step towards the preservation of the industrial monument and the running of a living museum. 

Contact: Dieter Blatt