Haus der Seidenkultur starts the New Year confidently and with various events
Shell and core structural work completed in the historic weaving workshop

In addition to the preparations for a new exhibition, the first meeting of the “Silk and Velvet Round Table” and the “Orient Express” making a special stop in the Krefeld Südbahnhof are just two of the events which have taken place early in this new year which the HdS team is looking forward to very confidently. Our chairman, Hansgeorg Hauser, announced that the shell and core structural work in the historic weaving workshop in our museum in Luisenstraße has now been completed, signalling that the refurbishment work at the former weaving workshop for ecclesiastical textiles Hubert Gotzes has started up again following the festive season. 

“Oeding blievt Oeding” (Uerdingen remains Uerdingen) was the motto of the first get-together of the monthly HdS discussion group which meets every second Wednesday in the month. Whilst refurbishment work is being carried out at the museum in the Luisenstraße, the get-togethers take place at the premises of organisations and members who belong to the “Initiative lebendige Geschichte Krefelds“ (Initiative to promote the living history of Krefeld).

For this first meeting of the year, the Uerdinger Heimatbund (heritage association) opened both the doors of the historic town hall (photo) and also those of the Brempter Hof where the history of (the town of) Uerdingen has been collected.
There will be no “Silk and Velvet Round Table” meeting in February. According to the HdS press spokesman, Dieter Brenner: “On Ash Wednesday we will be busy clearing away the traces of Carnival and traditionally have to enjoy a meal of fish”.
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There we report about how the “Orient Express” stopped especially for us at “platform 333” of Krefeld Südbahnhof. Admiring our “train driver” Ortrud Eckelboom, it was not just on the radio station “Welle Niederrhein” that the remark “I like it” could be heard.

Silk and Velvet Round Table in Uerdingen:
To start the New Year, the Silk and Velvet Round Table visited the historical town hall in Uerdingen.

Whilst telling fairy-tales, Ortrud Eckelboom sat in the driving seat