For Class 3 pupils from the Josef School in Krefeld, this week’s local studies lesson (6th July 2011) was held on the event podium at the Schwanenmarkt Shopping Centre where the Haus der Seidenkultur has a stand for the whole week. Included is the “Living Loom”. Here the primary school pupils have an opportunity to learn how warp and weft threads in a piece of cloth are interlaced. Where does silk thread actually come from? This question was also answered during the history-charged lesson on the spot. The class was able to see how the silk thread is wound from a silk cocoon. The Haus der Seidenkultur is a guest in the Schwanenmarkt until 9th July. The music quartet “Akustik Apher“ from the music school “Rhythm Matters“ is expected for the finale on Saturday at around 16.15 hours. The musicians plan to take up the six/eight beat of the shaft loom so that they can play in time with master weaver Günter Oehms.