As the story goes, although it is not historically documented, the town of Krefeld was founded on a crow field. The name Crow Pattern is most probably attributable to a former designation of Krefeld, e.g. Krinfelde, Creinvelt, Crenevelt oder Creyvelt. It was therefore logical to develop a crow as a symbol and advertising emblem for the town of Krefeld. We now reproduce this historic pattern on pure silk scarves and ties as a reminder of Krefeld of the past. This product is made of pure filament silk. The design is based exclusively on traditional, historic patterns. A few years ago this pattern was still being manually woven on these premises on wooden Jacquard hand-looms which were up to two hundred years old. Please do not wash it by hand but have it professionally cleaned. Through your purchase you are not just acquiring a stylish pure silk item. You are also helping to preserve our gem for future generations. We wish you a great deal of pleasure with your scarf or tie.

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