New exhibition shows traditional costumes from Southwest China

The new (special) exhibition in the House of Silk Culture (HdS) is dedicated to traditional costumes from Southwest China. Unique exhibits are on display, which Ien Rappoldt once again tracked down on her research trips through the "Middle Kingdom".

Ien Rappoldt tracked down these colorful exhibits on her travels through the "Middle Kingdom".             HdS photo (2): Brenner

The clothing made by Miao women, which is colorfully embroidered and richly decorated with appliqués, fascinates primarily with its visual appeal. The HdS curators, Dr. Ulrike Denter and Ilka Neumann speak of a "rush of colors" and an "explosion of patterns". It is about the high-contrast interplay of materials and techniques, colors and shapes, which is communicated by the (textile) culture of the Miao women.

The exhibition shows a large number of exhibits from the culture of the Miao, who mainly settle in the province of Guizhou in southern China. Secluded in their mountain villages, the Miao live largely self-sufficient and are deeply rooted in their traditions.

The Haus der Seidenkultur in the "Rush of Colors" of the Chinese Miao Culture.

The clothing is mainly made by the Miao women themselves and artistically decorated with symbolic patterns. These are different depending on the settlement area and each speak their own language. During her travels through Guizhou Province, Ien Rappoldt acquired a wealth of the magnificent textiles and learned from the Miao women the traditional techniques used to create the costumes on display.

In 2015, the first exhibition on the culture of the Miao found a wide response in the House of Silk Culture. "Now the impressive show is being continued, so to speak," says Denter, who became aware of the new collection with the HdS team in the "Museum de Kantfabriek" in Horst, the Netherlands. It quickly became clear: "We also have to show these great exhibits in Krefeld!" Thanks to the support of Tineke Geurts, who is responsible for temporary exhibitions in Horst, the "Rush of Colors" now reaches the Krefeld Museum at Luisenstraße 15, just a few minutes' walk from the main train station.

The HdS also expects guests from the German-Chinese Community (GDCF) to the vernissage. The cello duo, Heimo Wang and Pauline Krull from the music school in Krefeld, could be won for the musical supporting program.

The exhibition can be viewed from January 8th, 2023 to July 23rd, 2023 during the opening hours of the museum – Wed to Fri from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Sun from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and by appointment – can be visited.

Young and old are equally proud to wear their traditional costumes in southwest China.         Photo: HdS