Haus der Seidenkultur (HdS) is closed to visitors as from immediately until 21st April. “We are following the example of the municipal museums which have also closed for the time being”, says press spokesperson Dieter Brenner announcing the unanimous decision of the Committee. And: “Against the background of the recent developments we unfortunately had no choice than to proceed in this way”.

Therefore HdS is following the government recommendation to avoid unnecessary events. “This also reflects our responsibility towards our voluntary staff who all belong to the frequently quoted risk group due to their age, making this step inevitable”, says the Committee who ask “for understanding for the exceptional measure in the history of the museum”. 

However the museum’s online shop still remains open: „An important source of income ensuring the future of our cultural work which we plan to intensify in the internet and social networks”, says Brenner. Through these platforms HdS will continue to provide information about current developments.