Haus der Seidenkultur once again empties its donation boxes

Hansgeorg Hauser, Chairman of Haus der Seidenkultur (HdS) visited the Krefeld Zoo with donation boxes filled to the brim. There Caroline Gappel, office manager of the Association of Friends of the zoo was more than happy to receive further donations from Haus der Seidenkultur.

“During the period in which the old foundations of the ape house are being removed we want to make a contribution so that new ape house foundations can be cast,” said Hauser stating the reason for his commitment.

Pleasure also on behalf of the Association of Friends of the Zoo “because the surge of readiness to help has not ebbed”, says Gappel.. And: “HdS was one of the first institutions to organise a donation campaign.” As is well known, after the night of the fire on New Year’s Eve HdS had a silk-satin scarf with a motif from the ape house produced in the record time of one week to be sold at a price of 28 Euro. For each scarf purchased – size approx.. 70 x 70 cm) – 10 Euros go to the rebuilding of an enclosure for the apes,” says Hauser.

As the first limited edition of 500 scarfs was sold out within a few days, a second collection of 1,000 was produced. “We now want to warmly recommend the remaining 500 scarves to people during this festive season,” explains Hauser who hopes to finalise the donation campaign which should contribute a total of 15,000 Euro this year. The sum of 10,000 Euro must have been reached judging by the empty boxes.

The motifs on the scarf originate from the Krefeld-based photographer Hella Hallmann.. The Krefeld-based advertising agency „Mediacolor“ was involved in the realisation of the special edition. “The first release triggered a real hype”, says HdS spokesperson Dieter Brenner based on the fact that, “on the HdS-Facebook page at times up to 36,000 people showed an interest in this unique exhibit”.

The silk-satin scarf can still be purchased from the open “Silk Boutique” at the museum in Luisenstrasse 15. Namely from Wedensday to Friday from 15 to 18 hours and on Sundays from 13-17 hours. The zoo scarf is offered around the clock in the HdS online shop. Hauser: “With a click on the following link you make a contribution to the rebuilding of the ape house in the Krefeld Zoo.”

And here are further sales outlets whose representatives straightaway offered to include the scarf in their assortment:

Bookshop Mennenöh, Rheinstraße 70;

Estate agent Becker-Wittig Immobilien, Ostwall 111;

furniture store Hafels Raumausstattung, Kölner Str. 532 (Fischeln);

Copy Wolf, Oberstr. 34 (Uerdingen);

optician die brille, Krefelder Str. 32 (Hüls);

Nailstudio Nagel- u. Fußpflege Atelier Gabriele Owczorz, Wiedenhofstr. 54;

hairdresser Friseur Hairlich, Ute Rumpel, Kaiserstraße. 115;

Narziss u. Goldmohn, Tim Peerenboom, Oppumer Str. 175 / Großmarkt - Box 22;

jewellery Schmuckwerkstatt Barbara Bismark, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 209;

Deutsche Post Fil. 591, stationery shop Schreibwaren H. Wenders, Uerdinger Str. 612;

Papeterie lechner + hayn Papeterie, Sandra Lemke, Rheinstr. 114;

hairdresser Friseur am Schwanenmarkt, Dagmar Schobert, Evertsstr. 10;

Elektro Schloßmacher, Hochstr. 55, 47918 Tönisvorst




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Chairman of museum Hansgeorg Hauser hands over further donation boxes from Haus der Seidenkultur to office manager of the Association of Friends of Krefeld Zoo, Caroline Gappel.
HdS-Photo: Brenner