Michael Schwidtmann from Müller-Brüderlin Street in Krefeld is a huge fan of the zoo in the “Town like Silk and Velvet”. During advent he therefore placed an order in our online shop for one of the last remaining scarves portraying the apes which we have included in our collection. In doing so he not only supported the rebuilding of the ape house with the sum of ten euros but was also rewarded by fortune for his purchase.

That means: Michael Schwidtmann is one of the winners of our Christmas draw. In our “Meister Ponzelar” advent calendar he opened the correct door at the correct moment and won an annual entrance ticket for the Krefeld Zoo for the entire family. Congratulations!

Whilst in France Dorothea Diehl received the news that she has won a guided tour of the Dujardin distillery for eight persons. The purchase of a beautiful silk scarf as a Christmas present for her mother therefore certainly paid off. The native of Krefeld who now lives in Koblenz fulfilled a wish which her mother had had for long time. Diehl: “I will soon find eight interested people for the tour because I am acquainted with many wine connoisseurs.” And: “Naturally we will also visit Haus der Seidenkultur.”

A ring binder with photos of Old Krefeld purchased in our online shop resulted in a ticket to visit our museum for Frank Dahlschen (Krefeld). He can bring with him nine more people who will first enjoy a guide tour of Haus der Seidenkultur and will then be served an original “Niederrheinische Kaffeetafel”.

And here are the other winners: Hans-Joachim Wierichs from Meerbusch is pleased to receive a fashionable case sponsored by the Einrichtungshaus Hafels (furnishing house) in Fischeln. Martina Berns (Krefeld) and Doris Hoferichter (Kempen) have each won a culinary tour around the Krefeld “Velvet District”. They can both be accompanied by another person for the tour with event manager Michael Otterbein.

Conclusion: There are a lot of good reasons to click on to our online shop. Many surprises are lurking there not only during the Christmas period. We are still offering our service “Click and Collect”. Simply follow the link and we are there for you despite the fact that the “Silk Boutique” is closed.



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They acted as “Lady Luck” when picking the winners of our Christmas Draw. Ilka Neumann (left) and Antje Ditz; both members of the committee of our museum.
HdS Photo: Christian van Doorn