Important visitor at Haus der Seidenkultur: the president of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR), Ulrike Lubek, paid a visit to HdS accompanied by her Personal Assistant, Carmen Heyner. Actually just a short visit was planned but the LVR director was very impressed by our museum. In particular the nostalgic weaving hall where master weaver Manfred Weisters enticed a skilful “click-clack” from the old looms awakened her interest.

Lubek also described our establishment as a “gem in Krefeld“, when signing the visitors’ book expressing her “sincere appreciation” for the exclusive guided tour. The head of the museum Hansgeorg Hauser, who was awarded the much treasured “Rheinlandtaler” by the LVR a few weeks previously, was naturally very pleased about that.

As a communal organisation, the LVR performs services in connection with youth welfare, support for the handicapped, in the field of psychiatry and in the field of culture throughout the Rhineland. It is the largest key player for persons with a handicap in Germany and it runs 41 schools, ten clinics, 20 museums and cultural establishments, four youth welfare facilities, the state youth welfare service and the remedial support network. More information about the LVR can be found here: