Silk, the cloth which dreams are made of

Silk is beyond comparison: luxurious and elegant – pleasant to the touch and breathable – it warms in the cold and cools in the heat. .
This unique natural fibre is obtained from the cocoon of the Mulberry moth. For more than 1,000 years these moths have been bred in East Asia and more recently also in southern Europe for the purpose of obtaining silk thread. The silkworm cocoon is made up of a single 3,000 metre long silk thread. However, only some 800 metres of this thread can be reeled as a continuous thread. The filament silk – “Grège” obtained in this way, is the raw material for the precious silk textiles to be found at the Haus der Seidenkultur. What remains of the cocoon is processed to spun yarn – the longer fibres to schappe silk and the shorter fibres to spun silk.
Pamper yourself with this unique, magnificent, smooth fibre and enjoy the incomparable quality of the products made of grège silk. The designs are based on the patterns which used to be woven on the wooden Jacquard looms in the Hubert Gotzes weaving shop for ecclesiastical garments, now Haus der Seidenkultur.

Please have this high-quality reproduction of age-old craftsmanship professionally cleaned. Do not wash it yourself.

By purchasing this stylish product made of pure silk you are helping to preserve this unique example of textile history for future generations.