We wish you a great deal of enjoyment from your silk tie. This product is made of pure filament or grège silk. The design is based exclusively on traditional, historic designs. A few years ago they were still being made by hand at the company on wooden Jacquard looms which are up to two hundred years old. Please do not wash the tie by hand but have it professionally cleaned. The Arabesque pattern Arabian influences largely characterise the Arabesque pattern. Motifs from the plant world are artistically interwoven with stylised fantastic animals and in some cases intertwined to form an ornate design. The company Hubert Gotzes replaced the wave-like, parallel curved lines containing kufic characters between the individual pattern elements with floral garlands. Such patterns referred to as Arabesques were the speciality of Moslem master craftsmen and were for a long time also considered standard for their Christian successors. It is striking to note the analogies between the Arabesque patterns and the floor designs in the mosques and palaces built in southern Spain during the reign of the Moors and the painted ornaments in the Alhambra. During the reign of the Moors in Granada in the 13th century, silk weaving flourished at a high level and could definitely compete with Italian silk production. Silk – the cloth which dreams are made of – Is not just incomparably beautiful and elegant, it has a very special feel. Like wool and Cashmere, silk is an animal product. The high quality thread is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth which is bred for this purpose.Although the caterpillar spins itself into a cocoon of up to 3000 m in length, it is only possible to unwind a thread measuring approx. 800 m. This filament or grège silk is the basis of the most precious silk cloth. The less valuable remains of the cocoons are usually spun in short-fibre form into coarse silk or flock silk.Why not spoil yourself with this unique, magnificent and smooth natural fibre: silk is light-weight and kind to the skin, it warms when it is cold and cools when it is hot. It breathes, is highly elastic and yet very tear resistant. The magnificent sheen and the pleasant appearance of silk are complemented by its high strength.

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