Bayer Film Club visits HdS with its mobile cinema 

On Wednesday 16th October at 19.00 hours the “Mobile Cinema” operated by the Foto-Film Club Bayer Uerdingen will give a guest performance at Haus der Seidenkultur (HdS). The Club will present a film evening as part of the “Silk and Velvet Round Table”. “Six films will be shown, each with an interesting connection to Krefeld“, says Wolfgang Volker, Chairman of the Film Club.  

“Niepkuhlen” is the title of a film by Gisela Plette. In six minutes the impressive photos show how the landscape in the northern part of Krefeld developed from being merely a boggy pond and pool area into what it is today. Heidulf Schulze focusses on wells in the silk town; he was present with his camera at the inauguration of the wells in the Schwanenmarkt and the Puppenbrunnen on the Südwall. 

“Visit of a Queen” is the title of a film in which Hans-Jörg Böckeler explains the details of the Rieger organ in the Friedenskirche and entices a musical improvisation from it. “A sound which is moving to the core, reminding us once more of the now deceased organist and composer”, says Volker. Other films explore the “Gold of the Lower Rhine” (sand and gravel extraction) and the pollard willows. 

The authors present will give a short introduction to the Bayer Club’s film delights which promise to provide an evening rich in contrast for those Krefeld citizens who would like to view their town from a very different perspective on the big screen. 

Entrance to the film evening at Haus der Seidenkultur in the Luisenstraße 15 is free.



“Pollard Willows” is the title of a film made by Wolfgang Volker.

Photo: Bayer Filmclub