In its final phase the exhibition “Pioneers of Textile Design” at Haus der Seidenkultur (HdS) has received a “Cherry on the Cake“ according to curator, Ulrike Denter, who is extremely pleased about a Goblin which the well-known Bauhaus teacher Elisabeth Kadow had made in 1930. It was for the children’s room at the grandparents’ house in Bremerhaven where at times 13 grandchildren played.

The exhibit depicts how a passenger liner is being manoeuvred out of the port by a tug. People are standing on the shore waving. Kadow signed her work still using her maiden name “IJ” (Ibiger Jäger). “Fritz Zuschlag, one of Kadow’s nephews gave us this amazing loan“, says Denter who was delighted with the “unexpected enrichment for the exhibition” which can be visited until 24th November in the museum at Luisenstrasse 15.

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