Consolation for the absence of applause during Carnival Session

Within the next few days a total of 50 “Aktion Mensch” lottery tickets will go to those protagonists who would have played a leading role in the indoor Carnival events this session at “Creinvelt”. This year the stage at the”Krefelder Gesellschaft zur Pflege, Förderung und Verbreitung vaterstädtischen Brauchtums” (Krefeld Organisation for the Preservation, Promotion and Dissemination of Home-Town Traditions) will remain empty due to Corona. “Creinvelt is important but good health is essential”, says President Dr. Georg “Schorsch” Rupp.

Therefore the protagonists in the popular Carnival Revue not only have to forgo their show but also the applause for their performance. And it is a this point that Hansgeorg Hauser, head of the Haus der Seidenkultur Museum (HdS), becomes involved. Hauser is giving each of the 50 proficient Creinvelt performers a “lucky lottery ticket”, intended as a small consolation for the cancelled programme. Hauser: “If the feeling of happiness generated by the applause is missing then perhaps there will be a little lottery happiness!” After all one lottery ticket takes part in 4 lottery draws over a period of a month and each time there are up to 750,000 Euros to be won. And why did Hauser decide on 50 “Aktion Mensch” lottery tockets: “There are only winners in this lottery; because each ticket sustainably improves the living conditions of persons with handicaps, children and adolescents and this undertaking is supported by ZDF (television channel) through projects in the region.

The friendship between Hauser and “Creinvelt” is no coincidence. “Creinvelt” was one of the significant donors who made the refurbishment of the museum in the Luisenstrasse possible several years ago.


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HdS lucky fairy Antje Ditz shows one of the 50 lucky tickets of the "Aktion Mensch", which have now been given to "Creinvelt".