"Discovering museums with joy" is the motto of "International Museum Day", which will take place throughout Germany next Sunday, May 15th. "Of course we from the Haus der Seidenkultur (HdS) will also be there from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.," says HdS spokesman Dieter Brenner.
And: “A tour of our new exhibition, Dazzling Pearls Hanging by a Thread, is sure to please.” On show are beadwork by Margarete Schumacher (1916-2018), a sister of Prof. Annette Pöllmann, who made a name for herself as a Bauhaus artist. Furthermore, a taster phase in the future management technique is granted for individual visitors. They will soon be given a tray in the museum on Luisenstrasse. This opens the curtain for a digital tour that an avatar takes over; a new achievement that was developed as part of the EU's "Mingei Project", which wants to digitize old (textile) crafts with this measure.
Brenner: “We are once again fulfilling our claim of linking the past, present and future of the textile city. This ensures that you can still discover our museum with joy tomorrow, as promised by the motto of the International Museum Day.”

In front of the camera, curator Ulrike Denter talks about the new exhibition "Iridescent Pearls on a Silken Thread", which can be seen on International Museum Day in the House of Silk Culture. Photo: HdS